Trying not to fail at Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)
Kelsie Nabben December 14, 2021 (as published in CoinDesk) Crypto communities are playing a big series of “live action role playing games,” and they’re…
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It’s Facebook’s Meta versus open DAOs. And the battle will come down to hardware, specifically, microchips.
Algorithmic governance as creating and mitigating vulnerabilities in "Decentralised Autonomous Organisations"
Kelsie Nabben 13 August, 2021 Suggested citation: Nabben, Kelsie. (2021). “DAO Vulnerabilities: A multi-scale DAO ecosystem mapping tool towards…
Blockchain communities are embracing, and funding, life extension technologies. The link stretches back to the cypherpunks' crossover with the…
Crypto satellite companies are competing to provide blockchain services in space.
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Kelsie - on the cataclysmia of digital infrastructure